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Simple Tortillas


Cuisine: Mexican | Course Type: Breads

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22nd June 2020


These are great - soft and pliable with just the right amount of stretch. I got 12 good size (taco) tortillas out of this. I used exactly 200 grams warm water and shortening for the fat. Will be making these again.

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21st June 2015

Queezle_Sister from Salt Lake City, UT

Easy and delicious - this recipe makes tortillas that are every bit as good as the local high-end hand-made ones that go for $5 a pack. I looked at a variety of different recipes, and liked this one because the fat level was moderate (differences in amounts and types of fats seemed to be the major way that the different recipes vary). I managed to get 13 tortillas out of one batch. Cooked them in a cast iron frying pan with no added fat - they bubbled up and got that spotty coloration that looks so great. They also lasted just fine over night, tasting every bit as good this morning.

Letting the dough sit for a time before trying to roll them out seems to be an important step.

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