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Made in India: Cooked in Britain: Recipes from an Indian Family Kitchen
By Meera Sodha
Fig Tree - 2014
ISBN: 024114633X

Made in India: Recipes from an Indian Family Kitchen

Salmon and Spinach Curry

Page 141

Cuisine: Indian | Course Type: Main Courses

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26th January 2018


The result was tasty, and an attractive dish, but I'm a bit doubtful about the recipe.
First of all, the recipe serves four with 14 ounces of salmon. I had about that for two (a bit more than I usually get, but the smallest piece available). Even with the spinach to fill it out, this seems a bit skimpy for a main course for four.
I more-or-less halved the rest of the recipe, although I went long on the spices. Because I had to deseed my tomatoes, I added a bit of tomato paste with the chopped tomatoes.
I had only 200g of spinach, instead of 225g asked (for half). I didn't add all of of what I had. I know spinach cooks down a lot, but it still seemed like a lot. I suppose I could have persisted, but I thought there was plenty of spinach.

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