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Made in India: Recipes from an Indian Family Kitchen

Recent Reviews

Cauliflower, Cashew, Pea, and Coconut Curry reviewed by kaye16

30th September 2019

Really yummy. - My bite-sized bits of cauliflower took about twice the time to cook as specified. - The cashews added a nice bit of texture. - A half recipe was a lot fo two.
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Cilantro Chutney reviewed by kateq

7th September 2018

This is SO good. I made it as a component of Cilantro Chutney Chicken (reviewed separately) and immediately became addicted. I have since used it on shrimp, on vegetables, and as a dip. Because I'm a bit of a wimp, I was stingy with the chilis and because...
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Beet and Feta Samosas reviewed by Kestrel

2nd September 2018

Seeing Kaye's note reminded me that I made these a while ago, so here's my review... I made mine quite a bit smaller than suggested and I found the smaller ones easier to wrap. I'm glad I made a few test samosas since I found that they lose their crispness...
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Beet and Feta Samosas reviewed by kaye16

31st August 2018

I chose this recipe because it sounded a bit odd for an Indian meal. But it was a hit—both we and company loved it. I made 18 samosas for dinner; four of us ate all of them. Later I made up another 10 to freeze. Sodha's instructions for folding up...
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