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The Olive and the Caper: Adventures in Greek Cooking

Stuffed Veal Roll-Ups with Fennel and Bread Crumbs

Page 380

Cuisine: Greek | Course Type: Main Courses

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19th November 2018


4.5 Good. Nice stuffing and sauce. Easy enough to make, but lots of clock time, much unattended.
I made a half recipe with three scallops, two of which were smaller than asked. I wonder if French butchers cut their scallops thinner than American ones do. Mine didn't make 7-8" diameter; they were more or less rectangular with that as the longer dimension.
I smelled the anchovies as the sauce was cooking, but they were not apparent in the finished dish.
Think I'd just leave the bay leaves whole and remove them when serving.
I used all 12 kalamata olives for my half recipe.

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