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HomeBaking : The Artful Mix of Flour and Tradition Around the World

Recent Reviews

Hazelnut-Currant Boule reviewed by Zosia

27th December 2012

A (mainly) whole grain, crusty loaf studded with toasted hazelnuts and sweet currants. This loaf takes a little more time than some as it starts with a sponge and the fermentation, proofing, and baking times are fairly long. I saved a little time by...
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Cardamom-Scented Sweet Potato Roti reviewed by Zosia

8th December 2012

Tender and slightly sweet, these flatbreads were a great accompaniment to curried lentil soup. The dough had few ingredients and was very easy to make in the food processor. You’re advised to keep the sweet potato cooking water to add to the dough...
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Rice Flour Muffin-Cakes reviewed by Zosia

25th October 2012

Delicious gluten-free mini vanilla pound cakes rich in eggs, butter and flavour! These sweet treats come together very quickly though the eggs are separated and the whipped egg whites folded into the creamed butter-sugar-yolk-flour mixture just before...
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Velvety Bean Bread reviewed by Zosia

25th October 2012

This was really delicious yeast bread made with all purpose and whole wheat flours and cooked, puréed white beans. The method was standard – no starter or preferment required – but the dough was quite soft and wet and the rising times very long....
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