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The Best 30-Minute Recipe

Recent Reviews

Skillet Lasagne reviewed by bting

19th March 2012

I probably make this at least once a month it's such a favorite with my family. I usually use all ground beef and jarred tomato sauce. I think it is so much easier than regular lasagne to make and tastes as good (plus there isn't nearly as much cheese...
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Skillet Chicken Pot Pie reviewed by sturlington

11th October 2010

This is a good recipe but it illustrates the problems I have with this cookbook in general. Sure, you can get to a version of chicken pot pie in 30 minutes, but it's a chicken pot pie that lacks soul and depth, in my opinion. For instance, I don't like...
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Chicken and Rice with Broccoli and Cheddar reviewed by sturlington

26th September 2010

I didn't like the instant rice in this recipe or the frozen broccoli florets. I don't think the shortcuts are worth it in this case.
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Blue Cheese Dressing reviewed by sturlington

26th September 2010

Too much mayonnaise.
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