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Real Fast Food

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Black Olive Butter reviewed by friederike

2nd July 2017

Quite nice, but it needs to be way stronger saltier than you'd expect. I used about 55 g black olives, 40 g of butter and two anchovy fillets, and I think I should have used at least one or two more of the latter (and I'm normally always very, very careful...
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Grilled Salmon with Basil Butter reviewed by friederike

9th March 2015

Quite okay, but it very much depends on what you serve it with. The first night, we served it with runner beans and potatoes. The basil butter went very well with the salmon and the beans, but the combination with the potatoes didn't work that well -...
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Baked Cod with Butter Sauce reviewed by friederike

30th January 2015

Very nice in taste, but more complicated than really necessary, and I don't really see this qualify as 'Real Fast Food'. It took me at least 45 min to get the food on the table. Half of this might have been my fault, as I thought it would be fastest...
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Fusili with Olives, Anchovies and Capers reviewed by kaye16

23rd June 2014

This sauce has good, strong flavors and it needs a goodly amount of pasta to balance it out. There is probably an error in the amount of pasta shown in the ingredient list. For 2 people, it asks "1 pound fresh or 4 ounces dried pasta". Recipes typically...
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