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Currry-Kuri Squash Soup reviewed by Kestrel

9th October 2020

One of my favourite soups ever. The combination of squash, sweet potato and orange with the curry paste and ginger is excellent. I used the recipe as a basic guide and made several changes. I used a butternut squash from my garden and replaced the water...
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Curried Potato and Red Lentil Salad reviewed by kaye16

19th July 2018

A half recipe for dinner, served on a bed of red-tip lettuce. A hit. - Red lentil cooked for 25min are mush. Mine were cooked +/-10min; some were mush but most were whole. A half recipe was a good main for two. Would be a good salad for a potluck...
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Sriracha–Soy Sauce over Egg Noodles reviewed by kaye16

1st June 2018

Good stuff. I used 300g of fresh tagliatelle with all the sauce as a main for two, rather than four. There was a bit too much sauce. I'll measure all a bit short next time. - Forgot the black sesame seeds. :-( - One large carrot, with strips from the...
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Asparagus-Ricotta Phyllo Tart reviewed by kaye16

12th May 2018

A hit. Maybe 4.5, since the asparagus needed a teeny bit more cooking. I added the asparagus tips after the stems since they cook more quickly. All fit in my 25cm tart pan. I added an extra egg as someone on the VT site suggested.
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