Marcella Cucina
By Marcella Hazan
William Morrow Cookbooks - 1997
ISBN: 0060171030

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Marcella Cucina

Recent Reviews

Risotto Friuli-Style with Rosemary and White Wine reviewed by kaye16

1st February 2020

A really simple and delicious risotto.
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Pasta Sauce with Peas, Ham and Cream reviewed by kaye16

24th September 2018

A nice, simple sauce. The instructions are a bit hard to decipher—the option to use fresh or frozen peas is confusingly presented. The photo seems to show another kind of ham, finely cut, rather than boiled ham in 1/4" wide strips.
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Hunter-Style Pasta Sauce with Herbs, Pancetta, Tomato, and White Wine reviewed by kaye16

28th November 2017

The was was good enough, but contained a huge amount of juniper berries. Usually recipes call for one or two berries. This one asked 1/4cup of them. The sauce was marked by little black dots. They are a bit bitter, but I didn't mind this so much; my husband...
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Rosemary and Sage Pasta Sauce reviewed by kaye16

4th August 2015

Very tasty and fairly quick. I had a skillet with bacon fat left from breakfast and used that instead of olive oil and pancetta. Really tasty. A half recipe was fine for pasta for two. I used casareccia; not an especially good choice. Spaghettini or...
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