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Classic Home Desserts: A Treasury of Heirloom and Contemporary Recipes

Recent Reviews

Baked Custard-Style Rice Pudding reviewed by jenncc

25th January 2023

This is delicious but I think I preferred the overall texture at about the 50 minutes mark. After another 20 minutes the rice was a little too "broken" it became slightly water-y. I like the skin that forms and next time I will cook it 25, stir, then...
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Ligita's Quick Apple Cake reviewed by pumpkinspice

13th July 2014

Jam Cake with Burnt Sugar Glaze reviewed by kateq

9th May 2014

This cake is a wonder! So far we've made it with fig and ginger jam in a springform pan; with muscat grape jam and extra raisins in two loaf pans. Each time was a roaring success. (We skipped nuts on both occasions.) It's an amazingly moist cake;...
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