Flavour First
By John Burton Race
Quadrille Publishing Ltd - 2008
ISBN: 1844004503

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Flavour First

Recent Reviews

Asparagus Risotto with Peas and Broad Beans reviewed by friederike

4th April 2014

Very delicious, and a true spring/early summer dish! Cooking all the vegetables first took a lot longer than I had expected, so make sure you plan enough time. We often eat them with pods, but for this dish make sure you remove it. The rice took a lot...
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Roasted Monkfish with Red Wine Dressing reviewed by friederike

30th December 2013

Exciting! As monkfish is really expensive and I was cooking this dish on a normal Monday evening just to try this recipe, I opted for pangasius instead, knowing that monkfish is stronger in flavour and texture than pangasius is. Yet it was very, very...
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Rösti Potatoes reviewed by friederike

30th December 2013

Very, very nice, very simple to do. I'm only wondering how this will work for four portions - I only made two today and ended up with the 20 cm pancake described. For four portions you might have to adapt the cooking time. Served with Roasted Monkfish...
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Tarragon Vinaigrette reviewed by friederike

4th August 2013

The garlic was overpowering; other than that it was nice. I didn't actually taste any tarragon (probably due to the garlic), but the others did. Served with a rocket salad, and Beetroot and Potato Salad with Smoked Mackerel and Honey Chicken Salad for...
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