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Kitchen Simple: Essential Recipes for Everyday Cooking

Recent Reviews

French Toast reviewed by sturlington

16th September 2012

A basic, bare-bones recipe. I usually like to add some cinnamon and vanilla to my french toast, jazz it up a little. Also, I think the liquid to egg ratio may be off (too little liquid).
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Cooked Cucumbers reviewed by aj12754

28th August 2012

Well ... am I ever glad I made these. I never would have believed how delicious cooked cucumbers could be ... a little butter and salt and pepper and yummm.
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Frico reviewed by sturlington

6th August 2012

So easy, so delicious. Whenever I make these, I can't stop eating them.
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Tomato and Basil Salad reviewed by sturlington

8th July 2012

The simplest of salads, you hardly need a recipe. But if you have garden-fresh tomatoes, this is the best way to eat them.
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