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Delightful Thai Cooking

Recent Reviews

Stuffed Zucchini reviewed by kaye16

9th July 2021

I made more or less the whole recipe. The pork-crab mixture filled my 10" zuke, and another slightly smaller. We will have four main courses from this. - I used my cuisinart to make about 1/2# ground pork; added the other ingredients to this. - We found...
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Sauted Shrimp with Lemon Grass—Pad Pak Goong reviewed by kaye16

14th October 2020

This was pretty good considering how easy it was. Next time I might mince the lemongrass, rather than leaving in it 2" lengths.
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Cabbage Salad—Salad Galam reviewed by kaye16

23rd July 2015

A really good salad. Very pretty to serve the layers of veg in a glass bowl. - I made a half recipe, using all 2 cups of cabbage. (I had a small green cabbage. This wasn't a third of the cabbage. They must have mini cabbages to get 2 cups from a whole...
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Fried Squid with Hot Sauce (Pla Mueg Pad Prig reviewed by kaye16

18th August 2014

Starting with simmering water as stated, the water didn't come back to a simmer after adding the squid, but the squid was still nicely done.
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