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We Love Madeleines

Recent Reviews

Pumpkin Spice Madeleines reviewed by Zosia

18th September 2013

Nicely spiced sponge cakes with just a hint of orange. This recipe relies on the beaten eggs for leavening so I took special care when adding the other ingredients so the mixture wouldn’t deflate. The texture was still a little dense in the end but...
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Chocolate-Hazelnut Madeleines reviewed by Zosia

18th September 2013

These are fantastic little cakes with a delicate flavour to match their texture. Soft and tender when baked, they’re very fragile and must be handled with care especially while they’re still warm. I used ¼ tsp of hazelnut oil flavouring and milk...
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Smoked Paprika and Fontina Madeleines reviewed by Zosia

14th April 2013

These airy little sponge cakes pack a huge smokey, cheese-y flavour punch! The method follows that of a typical sponge cake batter but with no sugar and all of that cheese I did have concerns about the finished texture. The concerns were groundless because...
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Matcha Madeleines reviewed by Zosia

23rd February 2013

Loved the subtle green tea and lemon flavour of these little sponge cakes. Unfortunately, the texture was a little rubbery. I’ll try cake flour the next time. For a yield of 24, only half-fill the molds.
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