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The Science of Good Cooking (Cook's Illustrated Cookbooks)

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Ultimate Banana Bread reviewed by Queezle_Sister

25th November 2014

Fussy recipe is right, and an interesting process, but I'm not sure that the outcome was worth the extra effort. The idea is to increase banana flavor by extracting and then reducing the juice, rather than just add more banana (and risk a gummy texture)....
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Hungarian Beef Stew reviewed by jenncc

23rd February 2014

Nice hearty goulash that cooks in oven rather than stove top. This recipe skips the sear of the beef (which I do usually) and achieves most of it's flavor from a paprika, roasted red pepper/tomato paste mixture. Beef turned out very tender and delicious....
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Ultimate Banana Bread reviewed by jenncc

4th January 2014

This recipe is fussy but delicious. It was moist and full of banana flavor. You place the bananas in the microwave to soften the bananas and release their juices, which you reduce then add to the batter. I was short 1 banana so I did top the bread...
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Extra-Crunchy Fried Chicken reviewed by jenncc

4th January 2014

This recipe turned out crispy, juicy, delicious fried chicken. I brined overnight and added some cayenne and paprika to the flour mixture. I liked that this recipe suggests cooking in a covered pot for the first half of cooking which insures the interior...
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