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Eat - The Little Book of Fast Food

Recent Reviews

A chicken stroganoff, of sorts reviewed by bunyip

22nd September 2014

Hardly a recipe at all, in the finest Slater tradition. I used 350g diced chicken thigh meat for two people and 1 teaspoon paprika. Bear in mind that the mushrooms will shrink - better to use what looks like too many. Fast and delicious. I serve with...
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Spiced Root Frittata reviewed by Sovay

10th August 2014

I used potato, carrot and beetroot, and the result tasted very good though it stuck quite badly in places (due to the sugars in the veg?). Good with a spoonful of Greek yoghurt.
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Salmon and Cucumber Pie reviewed by Sovay

10th August 2014

Much as I like fish pie it does tend to be quite heavy, but this is a really light variant (no cheese, no potato). I like the cucumber but peas or green beans could be used instead. Next time I'll probably put the dill in the sauce rather than in...
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Tomatoes, Charred Onions and Steak reviewed by bunyip

23rd November 2013

Sort of a slow stir fry. Pan fry the steak briefly then set it aside while you get the halved salad onions browned, ad the halved tomatoes and cook covered until soft. Thickly slice steak and return to pan for a few minutes. That's all. I served it with...
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