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Fagor Pressure Cookers

Recent Reviews

Beef Stock reviewed by hipcook

27th December 2011

Another winner for the pressure cooker! Admittedly, I was on a "cleanout the freezer" binge and used nearly double the meat called for. It turned out a luxurious stock, with a fraction of the time and energy used on the stovetop.
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Beef Bourguignon reviewed by hipcook

29th May 2011

A very nice take on the French classic. I used a round steak instead of stew meat, which broke down into a tender stew. The sauce is luscious and rich (probably because it's finished with a half-stick of butter...)
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Beef Pot Roast with Tomato and Pearl Onions reviewed by hipcook

5th April 2011

A passable pot roast in half an hour of cooking time. The flavor is good, but my attempt turned out dry. I suspect this has to do with which parts of the roast were covered in liquid and which weren't. I'll probably make it again for the convenience,...
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Herb Pork Roast and Potatoes reviewed by hipcook

6th December 2010

I've been reluctant to try the "roasts" in the pressure cooker cookbook - but since my favorite pork roast recipe is really a braise, I thought this one was worth a shot. And it's well worth it. The pork came out perfectly moist and tender. The herbs...
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