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Pita reviewed by skdouglass

3rd May 2013

The 14-year old made this recipe for a class project: her first batch of bread ever. The first ones out of the over required testing and sampling - for quality control purposes, of course! They were perfect and so tasty that she lost her fear of the blazing...
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Uighur Nan with Cumin and Onion reviewed by Zosia

12th September 2012

This was an easy-to-make flatbread topped with cumin and green onions. It’s a lean dough that’s very easy to work with as long as you allow time for the dough rounds to rest to make shaping easier. Just before baking, you’re instructed to dock...
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Pita reviewed by Zosia

11th January 2012

This is my all-time favourite pita recipe. I've tried several others, and though I've picked up a few pointers from them on how to ensure formation of the pocket, I always return to this one. It doesn't matter what combination of the recommended flours...
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