Beard on Pasta
By James Beard
Random House Value Publishing - 1994
ISBN: 0517119277

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Beard on Pasta

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Chèvre-Tomato Spaghetti 1
Light Tomato Sauce 1
Fettuccine with Zucchini 1
Salmon-Dill Salad with Pasta Shells 1

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Recent Reviews

Salmon-Dill Salad with Pasta Shells reviewed by kaye16

22nd September 2019

I'm a little be unsure of the proportions as written, but the result was very good. I served as a starter and we had a bit left for a munch the next day. Any tiny pasta will work; I used some little shells. I used 3oz for two. Had 90g of smoked salmon;...
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Fettuccine with Zucchini reviewed by kaye16

2nd June 2016

I'm not sure why zucchini got singled out for the titles, since there are also red bell peppers and tomatoes. Whatever, it was good. - Fresh pasta (my original intention, but time didn't allow) would be overwhelmed by the veggies, I think. - I cut my...
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Chèvre-Tomato Spaghetti reviewed by kaye16

23rd January 2016

A very good pasta sauce. It's based on Beard's Light Tomato Sauce in the same book. This sauce will easily sauce pasta for six and maybe for eight. Easy to assemble and very tasty. The variation with blue cheese will go on the to-be-tried list.
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Light Tomato Sauce reviewed by kaye16

23rd January 2016

This is a really quick and easy way to make a simple tomato sauce to use with pasta. It makes about 3 cups, for 1 pound pasta he says, but I think that would be oversauced. I used 2 cups (probably ~600g) unseasoned tomato purée from the last summer's...
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