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Kung pao roasted broccoli reviewed by southerncooker

15th October 2018

While this had a good flavor it was a bit overwhelming to me. It was probably my fault though since I used about a pound of broccoli instead of 2 pounds and should have halved the sauce. Also it was salty and most of the ingredients in the sauce were...
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Jalapeño Parmesan-crusted grilled cheese reviewed by southerncooker

10th October 2018

My jalapeno was super spicy but this was still very good. Son sliced the jalapeno really thin for me. He can stand more heat than I can and he really loved these. Hubby said make him a plain grilled cheese please. He used to love spicy food but some of...
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Hot Honey reviewed by southerncooker

9th October 2018

Son said that this spicy hot honey would be good on chicken nuggets too. Honey and red pepper flakes heated up then allowed to simmer and cooled back down.
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Shake & Bake Chicken with Hot Honey reviewed by southerncooker

9th October 2018

Amazing! Son and I loved it. The chicken was good without the honey too but the spicy honey bumped up several notches. I bought leg quarters and cut them into drums and thighs. I put it in a zip gallon bag and mixed up the marinade and put in a glass...
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