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Lobster at Home

Recent Reviews

Lobster Broth with Angel-Hair Pasta reviewed by kateq

13th May 2019

This is a very elegant and very delicious dish. Good lobster stock is essential (happily easy to make)
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Classic Lobster Bisque reviewed by kateq

9th August 2017

What a fine use for lobster shells (such a bonus--eat lobster and get the makings of lobster soup)!. This soup is a triumph. The smells while it cooks are a wonderful tease. The rich color is another. And the flavor and texture are extraordinary....
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Grilled Lobster reviewed by Queezle_Sister

20th October 2011

A different strategy with lobster - you cut them in half (while alive - yuck), remove the intenstine and head innards, and grill them on a hot grill. This might not be a fair review - the grill where we were staying was acting up and not getting hot...
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