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Rose's Christmas Cookies

Recent Reviews

Cocoa Brownies reviewed by Zosia

9th May 2013

These are okay for what they are: 1-bowl/pot brownies that require only regular pantry ingredients and just a few minutes to put together. At room temperature they’re more cake-like, cold from the fridge, more fudge-y. (photo is of cold brownies)....
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Chocolate Caramel Chews reviewed by Zosia

28th October 2012

These tasted wonderful when first made – like a candy bar with chocolate, caramel and nuts on a crunchy oat cookie base. Unfortunately, the quality deteriorated with time: the chocolate and caramel hardened making them difficult to eat. Rose does...
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Maple Walnut Sable Sandwiches reviewed by Zosia

25th March 2012

These are tender buttery walnut cookies filled with a silky maple walnut filling that I made to celebrate mapling season. The cookie ingredients are those of a basic sable, flour, sugar, butter, and egg with the addition of ground walnuts. The dough...
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Bone à Fidos reviewed by Zosia

11th February 2012

Leave it to Rose Levy Beranbaum to include an easy and delicious (I'm taking my dog's word for this!) recipe for our canine friends and family members. These dog biscuits are very easy to make (the dough comes together quickly and is easy to work with)...
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