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Rose's Heavenly Cakes

Recent Reviews

Whipped Cream Cake reviewed by pumpkinspice

13th July 2014

Marble Velvet Cake reviewed by Zosia

16th May 2013

As one reviewer put it, the best marble cake ever. Not just because it’s easy to make and has a good balance of great chocolate and vanilla flavours but because the crumb lives up to its name, velvety soft, even made with all purpose flour. I omitted...
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Sicilian Pistachio Cake reviewed by Zosia

2nd May 2013

Californian Pistachio Cake in this case. Because my pistachios weren’t of the vibrant green Sicilian variety, I decided to approach the cake differently and bake as 2 – 6” layers and omit the decorative arrangement of nuts on the frosted cake. The...
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Chocolate Ingots reviewed by Zosia

6th April 2013

This recipe for financiers au chocolat is the first from this book to disappoint. The little cakes are very rich, very buttery and very involved to make but sadly lacking in chocolate flavour. The instructions start with the directions to preheat your...
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