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Flavours of India

Recent Reviews

Fish on a Bed of Potatoes, Onions and Tomatoes reviewed by kaye16

21st December 2018

DH says 5, so 5 it is. I served two, with two swordfish steaks totalling about 450g. Made a halfish recipe. Used a long cup of canned tomato bits (deseeded) from the freezer. The chiles I used were not at all hot. :-(
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Whole Potatoes with Tomatoes reviewed by kaye16

31st October 2018

Very good. Easy to make. Two of us ate all the recipe listed as 2-4.
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Tamarind Fish reviewed by kaye16

31st October 2018

Made this with salmon. It was delicious. And not too hard really. But you probably need two skillets, one for the fish and one for the sauce.
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Sweet and Sour Chick Pea Flour Soup reviewed by kaye16

16th November 2014

The soup was very tasty, sour with a bit of sweet, full of spices. I did expect the soup to be a bit thicker than it was. Maybe this was a function of the store-bought yogurt (I usually make my own, but didn't have the time to make enough of it) or maybe...
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