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The Savory Way

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Rice with Black Pepper Sauce reviewed by kaye16

11th November 2019

Very tasty, comfort food. Quick. - I didn't use mortar&pestle for the herbs, just chop-chop-chop. Gave the pepper corns (all 2tsps) a spin in the spice grinder. - I used about half mozzarella and half Abondance. I think this would be good with short-grain...
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Twisted Noodles and Olive Sauce reviewed by kaye16

22nd December 2017

Good enough to eat, but don't need to make it again. - Half recipe - Casareccia instead of fusilli Recipe instructions never tell you want to do with the sun-dried tomatoes that you've chopped up. I added them with the olives.and stuff. - Don't miss garnishing...
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Falafel with Walnut Sauce and Garnishes reviewed by kaye16

21st December 2017

NB: I used store-bought falafels. A nice set of garnishes. The Walnut Sauce and Garnishes is very good. Used all the garnishes except the grilled eggplant, plus some arugula/rocket. We both thought this was best served as a salad, falafels cut in half...
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Walnut Sauce with Fennel Seeds reviewed by kaye16

21st December 2017

A good sauce for falafels. Made a half recipe for two; we would have liked a bit more. Thought it was a bit runny while making it, but it wasn't really. Tasty.
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