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Salsas That Cook : Using Classic Salsas To Enliven Our Favorite Dishes

Recent Reviews

Racy Eggplant Omelets with Savory Red Chile reviewed by sturlington

14th August 2012

These were pretty messy, at least the way I made them. I am really starting to like the combination of soy sauce and chipotle, although I think I under-seasoned the omelet filling this time. A fairly easy summer dish.
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Seared Red-Chile Enchiladas with Chicken and Aged Cheese reviewed by sturlington

12th March 2011

I didn't make this exactly following the recipe. I left out the potatoes and made it more like a soft taco. It was still very, very good.
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Mellow Red Chile Salsa with Sweet Garlic and Roasted Tomatoes reviewed by sturlington

12th March 2011

This is a really nice salsa. It is very mild, not too hard to make (although there are a few steps), and suitable for out-of-season or even canned tomatoes.
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