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Vegetarian Suppers from Deborah Madison's Kitchen

Recent Reviews

Cabbage and Leek Gratin reviewed by kaye16

4th October 2018

Cabbages and leeks. Sounds like something really simple. Yes, but very tasty and very satisfying. I made the plain recipe. Will reheat the leftovers topped with some grated gruyère, which I happen to have in the fridge wanting to be use. Definitely a...
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Onion and Rosemary Tart with Fromage Blanc reviewed by kaye16

29th September 2018

Pretty good. DH liked a lot. I thought the onions were strange. They were cooked slow for 30 minutes, so starting to get sweet, but not quite caramelized, and still a bit crunchy. I'd rather cook them faster, till soft, and skipping that sweet taste....
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Whole Wheat Penne with Masses of Broccoli, Green Olives, and Pine Nuts reviewed by kaye16

21st September 2018

"Serves 4 generously". I'd guess so, because a half recipe served two very generously. Generously and well.
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Fideos with Pasilla Chiles, Avocado, and Crema reviewed by kaye16

13th September 2018

A nice, tasty meal. - My pasillas were moldy (argh!) and then I found my guajillos were moldy (oh no!). So I used anchos. - I forgot to stir in the crema (aka crème fraîche) so I just blopped it on top and we stirred it in at the table. - I completely...
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