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The River Cottage Preserves Handbook

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Recent Reviews

Pickled garlic reviewed by Kestrel

21st September 2022

I grew a lot of garlic this year, so I decided to try this pickle with a few heads. I made a half recipe; note that the liquid portion wasn’t enough to cover, possibly due to the jars I used and the size of the cloves. Used bay and fennel seed from...
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Piccalilli reviewed by Kestrel

25th February 2021

Really great recipe for piccalilli. It tastes good when first made, but improves and mellows after a few weeks. A good way to use cauliflower and beans for the garden. I usually make a bit less than 1 kg of veg and keep the sauce at the same amount and...
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Pickled fennel reviewed by Kestrel

25th February 2021

This is one of my favourite pickles. I started making it when I had a glut of fennel from the garden and now I grow fennel specially for this recipe. It's mild in flavour with hints of the lemon and black pepper. Very easy to make, keeps forever in the...
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Compost heap jelly reviewed by Kestrel

25th February 2021

If you have a lot of apple cores and peels, or a crop of crab apples, this is a nice way to use them. I go a bit lighter on the citrus peel, resulting in a milder flavour.
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