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At Home with Madhur Jaffrey: Simple, Delectable Dishes from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka

Recent Reviews

Cauliflower Cachumbar reviewed by kaye16

4th January 2018

I made this with grated broccoli stems (needing to use up a collection), rather than cauliflower. It was a very nice accompaniment to an Indian meal. Next time I'll grate my broc on the box grater rather than on the big microplane so that the veg has...
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Masala Fish Steaks reviewed by kaye16

7th December 2017

Disappointing, this one. In a book full of really good recipes, this one was uninteresting. Used lieu noir filets, rather than steaks.
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Vermicelli Kheer reviewed by kaye16

7th October 2017

I made a half recipe with 2% milk, rather than whole milk. Pretty tasty, but after more than 10 minutes of cooking, thick was not a word I'd just to describe it. Added almonds, no raisins or saffron.
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Salaad reviewed by kaye16

7th October 2017

A very good little salad to accompany an Indian meal. I made with lemon juice because that was handy, but lime would have been nice too.
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