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About me: I love to eat. I'll eat pretty much anything as long as it taste good. Business school is occupying much of my time previously devoted to baking, but I still love to read cookbooks.

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April 9th, 2013

Moroccan Spice-Rubbed Lamb Shoulder Chops from All About Braising: The Art of Uncomplicated Cooking

Lamb shoulder chops are very fatty and tasty. The meat was very flavourful and tender, but not much of it. I'd make this again but double the onions...they melted away to very little. Easy to put together... read more >

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Everyday Harumi

By Harumi Kurihara
Conran - 2009

10th September 2011

Green Beans with a Sesame Dressing : page 143

The toasted sesame seeds smelled amazing when I grinded them in the mortar. The sauce is quite sweet, I may use a tad less sugar next time. Very good with boiled green beans and chinese long beans.

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