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June 18th, 2024

Ding Dong Cake from Sugar Spun Run

This was the second or third Ding Dong Cake I have made. I love the I Am Baker recipe but was curious as to what a little brown sugar, an extra egg yolk and some melted butter would bring. I have to... read more >

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Momofuku Milk Bar

By Christina Tosi, David Chang
Clarkson Potter - 2011

August 25th, 2012 (edited 25th August 2012)

Let me just say I have had treats from the Milk Bar many times and these recipes hit the mark! Christina Tosi is a wizard with butter and sugar! A modern day Willy Wonka of desserts and these cookie/pie/cake/ice cream recipes do not disappoint. I have improved some of my non-Milk Bar recipes by applying several of her techniques - her creaming method, long rest/chill of cookie dough, using familiar products as ingredients (cereals, pretzels) to enhance flavors.
Yes she has some recommended ingredients that may not be in your pantry (all of which I have found on but she also suggests substitutes. Some of these recipes are what I consider "projects" that take time, attention and in many cases multiple components, but I enjoy these types of recipes when the pay off is as great as some of these.
I love this book because it combines the flavors reminiscent of my childhood (Cereal Milk! Candy Bar Pie!) and the refined techniques of a "sweet genius";)