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June 18th, 2024

Ding Dong Cake from Sugar Spun Run

This was the second or third Ding Dong Cake I have made. I love the I Am Baker recipe but was curious as to what a little brown sugar, an extra egg yolk and some melted butter would bring. I have to... read more >

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The Arab Table

By May Bsisu
Cookbooks - 2005

22nd February 2022 (edited: 23rd February 2022)

Spinach Triangles (Fatayer) : page 88

These are good - not as good as the ones I grew up with, better than some I have made/had from bakeries. The biggest difference in this recipe is the lack of yeast in the dough. I have made Maureen Aboods recipe before and with one tablespoons yeast they were far too puffy/pillowy. The problem here is the dough/crust is pretty bland even with that amount of olive oil. This dough does come out a bit harder than I would have liked, and even though they soften as they cool (or you can steam them slightly in a plastic bag) it just isn't the soft, slightly chewy, super thin crust I was looking for. The filling is very good, tho I would not recommend the pomegranate molasses as any leaks will easily burn (from the sugars) which gives them an obvious off- putting flavor. The dough was easy to work with (I used my stand mixer) and I love the simplicity of the recipe but will continue my search for the perfect spinach fatayer.
Upgrading this to 4 stars - I guess they improve with a little time - crust becomes more tender and filling more flavorful. I may try to hit the perfect balance by using a recipe with a little yeast but nice to know it can be made without.

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