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February 10th, 2019

Scallops and Broccoli from Stews (Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Library)

Not bad. I made a half recipe using a bit less of the carrots (real ones in spears, not "baby") and lots of ground pepper at table. read more >

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Ainsley Harriott's Gourmet Express 2

By Ainsley Harriott
BBC - 2001

25th January 2018

Asian Salmon Laksa : page 28

I intended to make a half recipe of this for two, but the amount of salmon looked so little that I bought more, making more or less a whole recipe. Only used half the coconut milk and the rice noodles. Used spinach rather than bok choy. (Bok choy/pak choi in rural France isn't really a Thing.) Otherwise, more or less a whole recipe was a meal for two. It was delicious. Definitely a do-me-again.

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19th November 2018

Black and Blue Cajun Chicken Sandwich : page 12

Quick, easy, and really delicious. I wouldn't call this a snack, it's a full meal. Doesn't especially need to be served in bread; just the chicken and cheese would be fine as part of a "regular" meal.
Had to look up, and then cut back, a recipe for "ground mixed spice", which was something new to me.

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15th January 2018

Chilli Crab Linguine with Vodka : page 44

Easy and fast and tasty.
We have to deseed tomatoes here, so the sauce was a bit dryer that it ought to be.
Pretty good though.

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Two parts to this recipe, the meat and the onion rings.

I've never made onion rings before and was surprised how easy and how tasty they were. The rings were first soaked in milk — is this usual? — then fried. One biggish (to me) onion served the two of us. If actually servied four, you might want to double this.

For my two steaks which might have been slightly bigger than asked, I made all the topping and that was fine. Again, you might want to double this.

Altogether, good food that made a nice meal in not too much time.

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25th February 2018

Greek-Style Lamb Parcels en Papillote : page 93

This would have been excellent if the lamb hadn't been overcooked. I know it's hard to tell when it's all wrapped up, but I'd guess 20 minutes would have been better than 30 minutes. The flavors were delicious, though. As suggested, served with Mama's Greek Butter-Bean Salad.

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21st February 2018 (edited: 25th February 2018)

Gruyère Cracker-Crusted Haddock : page 47

On first bite we both thought this was a bit bland, and we both said, Hmmm, this would be better with a squirt of lemon juice. And it was!. This needs to be incorporated either in the topping, or squeezed onto the fish, to add some zest to the flavor.

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9th September 2018

Jamaican Jerk Chicken : page 74

Ainsley wins again. I made a half recipe with four thighs; should have made less. Thyme rather than marjoram. I buzzed all the marinade ingredients with the staff mixer. In one stage, rather than in parts as instructed. BBQ'd the thighs. Very more-ish.

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25th February 2018 (edited: 25th February 2018)

Mama's Greek Butter-Bean Salad : page 112

Loved this.
- Made a half recipe, which might have served 3 as a side; two of us couldn't finish it. Used muguets.
- This would be a great main-dish sala, or to take to some kind of event.

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21st February 2018

Sweet-Potato and Coriander Mash : page 116

Pretty good, and easy. Chopped cilantro is tossed into the boiling sweet potatoes 10 seconds before draining. Then all is mashed with crème fraîche.

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