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About me: I collect cookbooks and love to cook and try new recipes. I tested recipes for Leite's Culinaria for almost eight years. I learned to cook from many good southern cooks including my Mom, Dad, several Aunts and my Grandmothers. My children and husband also like to cook and try new foods and recipes. My son still lives with us but our daughter is married. She often visits to cook with me. We are adventuresome eaters willing to try new things.

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November 19th, 2018

Bourbon Roasted Pork Loin from Everyday Dorie: The Way I Cook

This was delicious. I know she says in the book not to use the good bourbon but all I had was Woodford Reserve so that's what I used. I marinated for about 8 hours in fridge. Loved the apples and onions... read more >

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BBQ USA: 425 Fiery Recipes from All Across America

By Steven Raichlen
Workman Publishing Company - 2003

We really enjoyed these fixed on the charcoal grill. The sauce is fantastic and served with the kebabs. My son in law said we could make these again any time.

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1st August 2011

St. Louis Barbecue Sauce : page 283

I made this to go with the pork steaks from the previous page. I had most of the ingredients already on hand. Since I didn't have tomato puree I used some of my home canned tomatoes to which I added some tomato paste from the freezer and pureed with my immersion blender. Also didn't have dark corn syrup so I used my light, and didn't have OJ concentrate so I subbed some fresh OJ. I omitted the 1/4 tsp. cloves since we tend to not like it in savory dishes. It turned out good and I would make it again. It got nice and thick even with my substitutions. It does contain a lot of ingredients but just a little of each. The flavors blended together for a nice BBQ sauce.

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1st August 2011

St. Louis Pork Steaks : page 282

I bought some pork steaks on sale and was looking for a way to fix them when I ran across this recipe. I had all the ingredients on hand so I decided this was the on. It turned out great on the charcoal grill. I wasn't sure if the guys would like the BBQ sauce suggested to go with on page 283 so I had our grill master (son-in-law) only put BBQ sauce on half the steaks. They did like the sauce so I served more on the side. It was a bit spicy but very good.

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