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May 13th, 2019

Lobster Broth with Angel-Hair Pasta from Lobster at Home

This is a very elegant and very delicious dish. Good lobster stock is essential (happily easy to make) read more >

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Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking

By Michael Solomonov, Steven Cook
Rux Martin/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - 2015

8th May 2019

Hummus Tehina : page 39

Truly excellent Hummus--extraordinarily smooth

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30th August 2018

Pastel : page 218

This is a meat pie made with Boureka dough or puff pastry. I had croissant dough and used that. It calls for lining a baking dish with pastry, filling it with Seasoned Ground Beef (reviewed separately) and eggs, top with dough, chill till dough is firm and bake. Because I was suspicious that the meat filling would made the bottom crust gummy, I made a mini version following the instructions and didn't like it. I made a larger portion with just a top crust and like it very much but for the small quibble that the filling should be a bit spicier, more garlicky.

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26th June 2018

Seasoned Ground Beef : page 219

In search of some undemanding (not a lot of clean-up or effort) comfort food, was quite happy with this. I made this in the laziest fashion possible--that is to say I had a package of frozen minced onion and another of frozen minced carrots and peas (ok--the peas were a bit of a finesse), two pounds of lovely very lean ground round and --voila--a recipe. The thing that is amazing is that the little hit of cinnamon is magical It really does sort of transform this from plain old ground beef to something a bit special. I ground in some good pepper and added salt but didn't play. Followed the rules--and now I know, next time, I could add some garlic, some other bits of whatever, but this is good basic beef for stuffed peppers or pastel. And off I go to make stuffed peppers and put the rest of this beef away till I'm ready to make pastel.

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30th August 2018

Stuffed Peppers : page 220

This is a very simple way to do stuffed peppers. Cover the bottom of your baking baking dish with tomato sauce, place the hollowed peppers in the dish and fill them with a mixture of the "Seasoned Ground Beef" (reviewed separately), rice and egg. Top off with some more sauce and bake. Simple as it is, it works perfectly. In some recipes, I have found it necessary to steam the peppers first. Not necessary here. After baking for 75 minutes in a moderate oven, they were fork tender and quite delicious. As noted in the review of the beef, it could use a bit more spice, garlic, but really quite delicious.

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