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Chewy Sugar Cookies reviewed by jenncc from Dec/Jan, 2018

23rd August 2018

Crisp edges, chewy center - perfect sugar cookie! I played a bit and added some bottom of the box "cereal crumbs" left over from a box of frosted flakes and fruity pebbles (visiting nieces and nephews leftovers). I cut the sugar a little to compensate...
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Sichuan-Style Orange Beef with Sugar Snap Peas reviewed by BethNH from Oct/Nov, 2013

16th September 2013

A fantastic week night meal that is much more than the sum of its parts. A delicious sauce is made with orange juice, zest, garlic, soy, sesame oil, red pepper flakes and honey. Then the sliced flank steak is cooked in part of the sauce until it evaporates...
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Skillet Kielbasa Macaroni and Cheeses reviewed by BethNH from May, 2012

1st July 2013

It's too hot to use the oven and too rainy to grill outside. This mac and cheese is made entirely in one skillet. First, sliced kielbasa is browned and then removed to a paper towel lined plate. Then the fresh breadcrumbs are browned in the grease...
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Secret Ingredient Biscuits reviewed by BethNH from May, 2013

31st March 2013

It takes longer to preheat the oven than it does to make these biscuits. The secret ingredient is .... mayonnaise. Really. While this does not make for a flaky biscuit, it does make moist and tender ones that are very good to serve with a meal. The...
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