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Light Brioche Buns


Cuisine: North American | Course Type: Breads

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24th May 2020


Agree with the previous review - these are indeed "light" brioche, not much butter and only 1 egg. That said these were very good and hold up to a sloppy burger just fine. I made with AP flour and a little vital wheat gluten and what is suppose to be a wet dough was pretty unruly. They spread more than I would have liked but this is not the fault of the recipe (it calls for mostly bread flour) but still worth the work. I did use my kitchen aid for the mixing/kneading. When I can get bread flour again (post quarantine cooking craze) I will make them as directed.

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7th June 2011

andrew from Vancouver Island, BC

Simple recipe for slightly buttery, light burger buns. Although they're called brioche, with only 2 1/2 tablespoons of butter, and one egg, they're not really in the league of real brioche - more of an enriched dough.

However, they are quite nice, though perhaps a little dry, and made a good holder for some cheeseburgers for dinner. I made them in about 3 1/2 hours, with rising included.

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