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Light Brioche Buns reviewed by jenncc

24th May 2020

Agree with the previous review - these are indeed "light" brioche, not much butter and only 1 egg. That said these were very good and hold up to a sloppy burger just fine. I made with AP flour and a little vital wheat gluten and what is suppose to be...
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Rigatoni with White Bolognese reviewed by aj12754

17th January 2016

Although this takes closer to 2 hours to cook than the 1 hour indicated by the recipe, you end up with a flavorful and rich meat sauce that has a real Italian feel to it. I added some dried basil and oregano to the mirepoix and wasn't sorry to have done...
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Quick Fresh Tomato Sauce reviewed by friederike

22nd September 2015

"Quick" Fresh Tomato Sauce? Ha, very funny! You need to half, deseed and then grate 5 pounds worth of tomatoes; this alone would have taken me half an hour to do. Halfway through, I decided I had enough, pulled out my tomato peeler and dumped the tomatoes...
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Pasta With Fresh Tomato Sauce and Ricotta reviewed by friederike

22nd September 2015

This is typically one of those simple dishes that depends a lot on the quality of its ingredients - but also needs to be executed very well. We really liked the combination of ingredients (even though neither of us likes Ricotta - we used cottage cheese...
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