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The Olive and the Caper: Adventures in Greek Cooking

Sesame Cake with Sesame Icing

Page 518

Cuisine: Greek | Course Type: Cakes

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Recipe Reviews

3rd March 2013

Queezle_Sister from Salt Lake City, UT

I love sesame flavor, and so I took Tignor's review into consideration, and tackled this recipe. I cut down on the amount of clove, and I allowed it to cook for an extra 5 minutes (watching that old toothpick carefully). And, when I applied the sesame icing, I didn't just let it pool in the middle, but instead largely applied it to the edge of the cake. Finally, I garnished it with a combination of regular and black sesame seeds.

This was a very moist cake, and it had an unusual flavor. My DH ate at least three servings, he loved it (and disagrees with my rating, he would give it a 5). The rest of us did feel that it had a Greek feel to it, but were not totally thrilled.

I agree with @tignor that the clove amount is excessive, but using 1/2 the amount was good. Another big problem is the amount of bread crumbs. A volume measurement of breadcrumbs is so dependent on how fine they are. I have only panko, which I think were too coarse. I did really smash it down into the measuring cup, and added a bit extra. But perhaps with a truly fine crumb size, it would have baked up better.

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6th February 2013


Taste was interesting, clove-y. Texture though, was something I've only experienced when you pull a cake out of the oven and you think it's done all the way through only to find it half-baked in the middle. It didn't feel like this before I added the immense amount of glaze, though, as it was baked through. Won't make again, just because it's unpleasant to eat this way. But, live and learn.

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