The 30-minute Cook
By Nigel Slater
Penguin Books Ltd - 2006
ISBN: 0141029528

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The 30-minute Cook: The Best of the World's Quick Cooking (Penguin cookery books)
By Nigel Slater, Juliet Dallas-Conte, Kevin Summers
Penguin Books Ltd - 1996
ISBN: 0140231358

The 30-minute Cook

Carrots with Mustard Seeds

Page 47

| Course Type: Sides

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Recipe Reviews

22nd April 2014


Slater says this is a hot version of Madhur Jaffrey's Gujerati Carrot Salad. Personally I think Jaffery's version is better, and I'm not sure why a hot version is needed.

Slater has you frying thickly sliced carrots for 10-15min till they are tender. Maybe my "thick" was too thick, but they weren't really thinking of being finished after 15min, so I added a bit of water and cooked covered for a while, then cooked a bit more to get rid of the water before adding the mustard seeds.

Good enough, but I'd rather have Jaffrey's cold salad. Less work and it's quickly done.

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