The 30-minute Cook
By Nigel Slater
Penguin Books Ltd - 2006
ISBN: 0141029528

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The 30-minute Cook: The Best of the World's Quick Cooking (Penguin cookery books)
By Nigel Slater, Juliet Dallas-Conte, Kevin Summers
Penguin Books Ltd - 1996
ISBN: 0140231358

The 30-minute Cook

Thai Chicken Salad

Page 98

Cuisine: Thai | Course Type: Main Courses

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29th December 2015


A main dish for two. Quite tasty, easy, and fast.

- I thought this was a trifle salty; Ed thought it was almost uneatably salty. This is odd, since he's usually the one adding salt at the table. There was too much sauce, so it might to do reduce the soy and fish sauces a bit.

- I used aiguillettes of duck, the small narrow muscle behind the breast proper, from the freezer, no skin involved. Worked fine. The somewhat stronger taste of duck compared to chicken breast is probably better.

- Oops, no carrots in the house! I peeled some broccoli stems for the crunch. They worked fine, but we missed the color.

- It's December and there's mint growing outside. Wonder if we'll have winter this year.

All in all, we liked this even though it was salty. A satisfying meal.

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