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The 30-minute Cook

Recent Reviews

Thai Chicken Salad reviewed by kaye16

29th December 2015

A main dish for two. Quite tasty, easy, and fast. - I thought this was a trifle salty; Ed thought it was almost uneatably salty. This is odd, since he's usually the one adding salt at the table. There was too much sauce, so it might to do reduce the...
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Hot Aubergine and Cheese Sandwiches reviewed by kaye16

13th September 2014

Interesting and versatile recipe. A vegetarian main, although it could easily accommodate meat. I used some blue cheese with the mozzarella. Although the mozza melts nice and stringy, we both liked the taste of the blue with the eggplant, so might skip...
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Red Lentils with Turmeric and Mustard Seeds reviewed by kaye16

12th September 2014

Pretty tasty. Easy. Fast. Recipe says it serves 2. Of course, when it asks for a pound of lentils, you have to wonder about that. I expect we'll get two meals for two out of this, served over rice. I expect the final simmering should be covered, at...
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Spiced Fried FIsh reviewed by kaye16

22nd April 2014

Very nice. Fish strips tossed with lime, spices, and besan, then deep fried. Yum. I used swordfish, which was on sale today. Was a nice choice since it's a firm fish. Definitely a do-again.
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