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Eat Your Greens (Network Books)

Recent Reviews

Medea Walker's spinach with yoghurt (burani-ey-esfinay) reviewed by wester

15th August 2012

A bit like zaziki, but with spinach instead of cucumber. Nice but not spectacular. I used natural yogurt instead of Greek, and I already found it a bit cloying like that.
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Dry Spiced Cauliflower reviewed by wester

27th June 2012

There was a slightly bitter taste to this one. Maybe I did something wrong, but I am not going to try again, I've got plenty of this kind of recipe.
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Stir-fried celery with ginger and coriander reviewed by wester

25th June 2012

This was good, even though I forgot the fresh coriander (cilantro). The flavors combined well and the end result was quite subtle.
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Parcels of cauliflower and broccoli cheese reviewed by wester

11th May 2012

Good flavor, nice presentation. I feel it would enhance almost any main course without taking centre stage.
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