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Baking: From My Home to Yours

Recent Reviews

Cottage Cheese Pufflets reviewed by kateq

27th December 2017

This recipe is a treasure. The dough is so tender and the results are the most charming little "puffiest" -- the resulting pastry is just a delight. I've made these very small (one-bite) and larger (several bites) and filled them with marmalade, various...
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Swedish Visiting Cake reviewed by aj12754

24th January 2017

Easy, rich, dense. Nice with a cup of tea in the late afternoon.
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Cinnamon Squares reviewed by BethNH

21st November 2014

I hope the squirrels like this cake more than my family. I've had this simple cake bookmarked for years. I was looking for something simple to bake today and had everything necessary for this small cake. This is basically a glorified coffee cake. ...
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Pecan Honey Sticky Buns reviewed by Queezle_Sister

1st November 2014

We used this general strategy, but instead made cinnamon rolls. This recipe's instructions for preparing the rolls, rising time, and baking were spot on. I hope to come back and make the actual sticky buns, and at that time, I will feel better about...
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