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The Modern Baker: Time-Saving Techniques for Breads, Tarts, Pies, Cakes and Cookies

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Semolina Sesame Braid 1
Chocolate Spice Bread 1

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Semolina Sesame Braid reviewed by Cooksbakesbooks

9th February 2010

This made a nice, dense-textured semolina bread. I adore semolina bread, and this was a good one. The sesame topping was a nice touch.
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Chocolate Spice Bread reviewed by Cooksbakesbooks

9th February 2010

Maybe I am being too critical, but I found this bread to be terrible. I couldn't even finish it. I probably over baked it, because the instructions warn that if you over bake it, it will be very dry. I am an experienced baker, and don't often turn out...
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