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Tender: Volume II, A cook's guide to the fruit garden

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Rhubarb cinnamon polenta cake reviewed by Kestrel

12th July 2022

Really delicious cake! I used lemon zest instead of the orange and it worked well. I made 2 smaller cakes; one was 6" and the other 7" in diameter. These smaller cakes took about 30-35 min to bake at 350 convection. As others have said, this dessert is...
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Soft Quinces under a Crisp Crust reviewed by friederike

22nd January 2016

... hereforth known as 'Qumble' (or 'Quumble'?)... This was a really nice dish. It's not a lot work, though peeling and cutting the quinces is always more than you'd expect it to be, but the best thing is that you can prep it so that all you need to...
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Wholemeal Apple and Marmalade Cake reviewed by Sovay

12th November 2013

A really nice, homely cake (homely in the British rather than the US sense). I used donated windfall apples of a Bramley type and they more or less disappeared into the finished cake - dessert apples might have remained as identifiable pieces - but this...
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Roast Duck with Damson Ginger Sauce reviewed by Sovay

26th September 2013

Strictly speaking this is just a review of the sauce, which I had with a sauteed duck breast rather than a whole roast duck. I liked it a lot - intense and quite sharp with a slight citrus overtone from the fresh ginger. I'm puzzled by the quantity,...
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