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Mastering The Art of French Cooking, Volume One (1) (Vol 1)

Recent Reviews

Chou-Fleur Blanchi (Blanched Cauliflower - Preliminary Cooking) reviewed by hipcook

19th October 2018

Yup, it's blanched cauliflower. Though I must admit salting the water is a good step.
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Chou-Fleur aux Tomates Fraiches (Cauliflower Gratineed with Cheese and Tomatoes) reviewed by hipcook

19th October 2018

Very successful in my house. A lighter treatment than a cheesy "au gratin" but the butter and tomatoes add some richness. It would be good with a piece of fish.
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Supremes de Volaille a la Milanaise (Chicken Breasts Rolled in Parmesan and Fresh Bread Crumbs) reviewed by hipcook

7th November 2017

Fun treatment for chicken. We didn't serve it with the brown butter sauce, but instead heated up a little tomato sauce and made an ersatz chicken parmigiana.
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Gâteau à L'orange (Orange Spongecake) reviewed by hipcook

2nd January 2017

Good spongecake recipe, lightly flavored with orange. The outer edge of our cake came out just a hair tough, which might be related to the fact that we used a 10-inch pan instead of the 9-inch called for. A big hit with some whipped cream and vanilla...
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