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The Scandinavian Cookbook

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Cowberry (or Cranberry) Compote reviewed by friederike

2nd February 2013

If you like your cranberry compote sweet, read no further - this recipe is probably made for you. I felt it was far too sweet. I added the juice of a whole lemon, and it ended up being less sweet, but also pretty lemony. Next time I would probably use...
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Jerusalem Artichoke Soup reviewed by friederike

2nd February 2012

A nice, simple soup of Jerusalem artichokes, though not really anything special. I'm not really sure about the beetroot. For one, it's decoration only - don't go out of your way to do this if you don't mind not having any. Second, I'm not sure whether...
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Gravlax with Sweet Mustard Sauce reviewed by friederike

30th January 2012

Delicious, healthy, easy to prepare, and very impressive! Both the fish and the sauce are very delicious. The the salmon is not as manifest as I had expected (I had expected something along the lines of smoked salmon - the Gravlax was less pronounced...
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Rhubarb Cordial reviewed by cadfael

30th July 2011

An annual production at my house. Everyone looks forward to this treat. My grand daughter's favorite with spritzer water and ice. Also good with pop, wine and vodka-not altogether of course.
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