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Spicy canned salmon rice bowl reviewed by Kestrel

7th October 2023

Really good, very easy recipe that uses cucumbers from the late summer garden. I also adjusted the sriracha to taste and used a bit more cucumber.
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Chocolate raspberry cheesecake reviewed by Kestrel

8th August 2021

I only made the cheesecake (no crust or topping) and cooked sous vide at 80* C for 60 min in jars. The recipe made 5 medium jars (probably would be about 8 4oz jars). I did sub regular cream cheese, and used 1 whole egg instead of egg white. The result...
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Tzatziki Fish Tacos reviewed by kaye16

5th June 2020

Pretty darn good. For two, I had slightly over half the fish and used all the rest (flour, panko, etc.). Made about 2/3 of the tzatziki, because that's how much one of my jars holds. Didn't measure cuke shreds but surely there was more than asked. Very...
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Chicken and Broccoli Stir-Fry reviewed by jenncc

17th November 2018

Not sure if this was "skinny" but it was indeed tasty! Added a bit more veg - more broccoli, 4-5 oz. mushrooms and some red bell and jalapeno pepper, upped the garlic to and ginger but kept the sauce to the original amount. Next time I may add a bit...
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