The Flavour Thesaurus
By Niki Segnit
Bloomsbury Publishing PLC - 2010
ISBN: 0747599777

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The Flavour Thesaurus

Recent Reviews

Coconut Custard reviewed by friederike

13th April 2013

If you like your eggs poached with a hint of coconut, then this recipe is for you. Unfortunately for us, it didn't turn out as the dessert we had expected to work well with Mango Sorbet. We'll see if we can find something better for dessert for tomorrow.
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Filipino Adobo (Adobo baboy) - pork and garlic reviewed by friederike

17th March 2013

It was very delicious, but it wasn't like I remembered. For a start, the sauce was very thin, and if we had reduced it to a nicer consistency, it would have been too little. I remember this dish of being a braise, actually like a Asian version of Coq...
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Nigella's "The Rainbow Room's Peanut and Carrot Salad" reviewed by friederike

7th March 2013

A very good salad. DH isn't usually a fan of carrot salads, as he thinks they are prone to dry out. My guess is that in contrast to other salads, it's important in this case to add the dressing right away, instead of at the very last minute. This salad,...
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Butternut Squash, Bean and Rosemary Stew (Butternut Squash & Rosemary) reviewed by friederike

20th February 2013

It's kind of ironic that she gushes about how well roasted butternut squash and rosemary go together, because the butternut squash in this recipe isn't roasted but cooked, and the rosemary is too weak to taste. It's really a pity. I like the idea of this...
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